Are Your Company's Employee Healthcare Costs Under Control?

OccuHealth Consulting LLC specializes in developing occupational healthcare, and employee health and wellness programs for employers with an objective of driving down employee health costs. Employees are a company's most valuable asset, representing products, service delivery, customer service, etc. Protecting the health and wellbeing of employees is a smart strategic business decision, translating directly to the health of an organization. Our program development approach utilizes local health resources, providing an employer the ability to work collaboratively on an ongoing basis to drive down costs.

Consider the various cost drivers of healthcare costs at the workplace. OccuHealth Consulting provides focus to several key areas:

> Workers' Compensation Management
> Employee Fitness for Duty
> Regulation-based Health Screening Requirements

> Wellness and Personal Health Practices





Occupational Healthcare Business Development:

Building and more fully developing an occupational health program can directly result in new service opportunities for your organization, such as incoming referrals, a fuller utilization of illness management resources on a preventive basis, opportunities for direct contracting, intergrated health advocacy services, among others more...


Key Strategic Areas

Drug Free Workplace Development
According to a SAMSHA Drug Use Study, 16% of employees have used drugs within the previous 30 days. Drug use by employees is associated with increased incidence of work-related injuries. In addition, employee drug use may result in increased absenteeism, lack of productivity on the job, lack of attention to healthy behaviors more....

Workers' Compensation
Work-related injury and illness can have a profound effect on employers' costs. In addition to the direct cost of treating an injury, (such as initial care, followup management, specialists, diagnostic testing), there are many other costs, including loss of workplace productivity, replacement worker costs, overtime, disability costs, increases in insurance premiums, etc. more...

Personal Health Practices and Employee Wellness
For many employers, the costs to address personal employee health issues and those of covered dependents can easily eclipse those of a work-related nature. As employers drill down on their workers' comp program and many make headway in reducing wc costs, the next area of concern is the (for many) substantial personal health costs of employees more...

"Presenteeism" and Employee Health and Productivity
Presenteeism may be defined as being present at work but not working to full potential due to personal issues of any sort. Examples include personal or family health issues, financial problems, eldercare and childcare, stress, substance abuse (personal or family-related) and many others
. An active program to identify and adress employees' needs outside of the workplace can result in performance improvements within the workplace. more...

Employee Fitness for Duty
Employee fitness for duty can take on several forms: preplacement assments to help match the employee to the job, return to duty testing following an occupational injury, assessments to corroborate with a personal physican's evaluation of an employee's following a personal injury or illness, and to address performance issues suspected of being related to substance abuse more...







OccuHealth Consulting provides program development and consultative services to employers seeking to lower their employee healthcare expenses, and also provides program development services to healthcare providers who desire to institute or more fully develop an occupational healthcare program. All clinical services, content, recommendations are based upon the clinical guidance and expertise derived from interaction between local providers and employers engaged in this process.
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